New Chapter, More confidence

Though it's non-sense, I would like to say sorry to you for the last performance. To be honest that was a scheduled strategy, and I even dropped a hint about this by the quoted contents and background image, but I think most of you ignored these details. Well, those were all past, and our story has opened a new chapter, so what we need to do is to continue to move forward. Some updates and attentions about DHOUR

  • New Chapter, More confidence

    No matter you are new readers of the story or "old clients", I hope you can carefully read, everything, I am sure this will help you make right decision.

  • Minimum withdrawal limit

    The minimum withdrawal limit for CryptoCurrencies as follows, BTC-0.0001,LTC-0.002,ETH-0.0012,BCH-0.0002,DOGE-4. No minimum limit for PerfectMoney, Payeer and AdvCash.

  • 4 Levels Affiliate Program

    Number of your partners ranges from 1 to 250 - 2.99% Ref.Com, from 251 to 500 - 4.99% Ref.Com, from 501 to 1000 - 6.99% Ref.Com, from 1001 to more - 9.99% Ref.Com.

  • Changing upline is allowed and easy

    Still there are some investors sending us requests to change their upline. To do this simply login your DHOUR account and click on "CHANGE UPLINE" link and follow instructions.

Investment Offers

5.35% hourly for 24 Hours

Min/Max Deposit: $19-$49999

Hourly Interest:4.35%-5.35%

Min/Max Return:104.4% - 128.4%

2.05% hourly for 240 Hours

Min/Max Deposit:$4999-$49999

Hourly Interest:1.35%-2.05%

Min/Max Return:324% - 492%

2.65% hourly for 72 Hours

Min/Max Deposit: $499-$49999

Hourly Interest:1.75%-2.65%

Min/Max Return:126% - 190.8%

1.95% hourly for 480 Hours

Min/Max Deposit: $9999-$49999

Hourly Interest:1.55%-1.95%

Min/Max Return:744% - 936%

2.15% hourly for 144 Hours

Min/Max Deposit: $1999-$49999

Hourly Interest:1.25%-2.15%

Min/Max Return:180% - 309.6%

2000% after 720 hours

Min/Max Deposit: $19-$49999

Hourly Interest:0.70%-2.78% AVG

Min/Max Return:500% - 2000%

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